Welcome to OncoBites!

Here at OncoBites, a team of cancer professionals and advocates has gathered to share cutting-edge research with a non-specialist audience. We understand that jargon and isolated professional communities have made science feel inaccessible to most people, even people considering the field. In addition, paywalls on articles can make trying to investigate topics alone a challenge. On the other hand, many social media-targeted articles can over-simplify science and leave readers with more questions than answers, or misunderstandings about how much progress remains before advances reach the clinic.

OncoBites seeks to fill these gaps; we will not oversimplify the science, but we will share research in clear language that takes down the barriers that turn people away from our field. We will not hide when results are preliminary; we want readers to know what is new in the lab and what is new in the clinic, and not to confuse the two. Our articles will be bite-size, approximately five minute reads that share what is exciting in the field of cancer research. We will include links to deeper background information and the full articles we discuss for those who would like to learn more. Initially, we will post weekly, but we hope to increase our frequency as we gain more contributors.

Come join us!

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