Diet and cancer metabolism – A vulnerable axis to explore in cancer therapy

Reading time: 5 minutes Diana Moreira The need for new and improved anti-tumor therapies has led the research field to implement different strategies to reduce, and ideally cease, tumor development. With growing publications in the field of cancer metabolism in recent years, different tumor vulnerabilities are being uncovered, increasing the likelihood of finding new therapeutic... Continue Reading →

Isotopic labeling: A peek inside cancer cells

Reading time: 4 minutes Varshit Dusad  Studying the growth of the tumor is very important to devise an effective treatment against cancer. Often cancer tissues are buried deep inside the body and we need diagnostic methods that can tell us about their progression accurately without harming the body while not losing the accuracy. Therefore, invasive... Continue Reading →

The curious case of cancer metabolism

Varshit Dusad Methotrexate is one of the earliest drug discovered for treatment of cancer. It is listed by WHO as one of the essential medicines and has been used to treat various forms of cancer. Methotrexate has had such broad success across cancer subtypes due to its unique mechanism of action. Inside tumors, it attacks... Continue Reading →

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