Black in Cancer Week

October 11-17th is Black in Cancer Week! Co-founded this year by Dr. Henry J. Henderson (@DrHJHenderson)  and Sigourney Bell (@siggs28), Black in Cancer Week is focused on “strengthening networks and highlighting Black Excellence in cancer research and medicine.” We are taking this week to highlight some articles written by our Black contributors and share the work of the Black in Cancer movement on our social media pages. We will also be sharing posts in the coming weeks to support #BlackInCancer, and will close out the month with an interview with Dr. Henderson and Ms. Bell about their work.

We encourage our readers to go check out #BlackInCancer on Twitter or Instagram to learn more about the incredible research being done by and for Black people. The week is broken down into themes by day:

  • Sunday, October 11th: #BlackInCancerRollCall  

Find new cancer researchers to follow and learn more about their research

Register here:

  • Monday, October 12th: #WhyBlackInCancer

Learn why cancer researchers get involved in advocacy

Register here:

  • Tuesday, October 13th: #TheCancerPipeline

Learn how to get involved in cancer research and how we can work to diversify the field

Register here:

  • Wednesday, October 14th: #CancerFacts

Learn facts about cancer and bust some stubborn myths

Register here:

  • Thursday, October 15th: #CancerDisparities

Learn about the disparities in cancer diagnosis, treatment, survival, and prevention in the Black community

Register here:

  • Friday, October 16th: #CancerSelfCare

How can we work cancer prevention into everyday life?

Register here:

  • Saturday, October 17th: #MyCancerHero

Highlight the inspiring work of cancer researchers, doctors, and advocates

Register here:

Please go to to find out more about this movement and the many, many organizers involved in getting it off the ground, and visit @BlackInCancer and follow #BlackinCancer on Twitter or Instagram to follow the discussion! 

Image copyright of Black in Cancer

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